Child education is single most important issue for the future of the society. Formal education or informal education, which one is better? What is education? Most widely discussed question in the world. Probably, state and educational authorities are aware about it but reluctant to change and implement. I am highlighting certain issues associated with child education.

Debate over child education
Since over a century, methods and types of education is discussed without any concrete outcome. It seems that our brain's area dealing with educational reform has remained under developed in contrast to evolution of mankind. We are suffering from educational reform dyslexia. Radical change in Educational methodology has remained confined to discussion, workshops, and conferences, research papers and TV programmers.
Why do we need child education?
Present system of education is childhood destroyer. It is a missile targeted by state against God sent enriched brain (enriched uranium for state) of a child. Do we want to enlighten the qualities of child or crush it? Do we want to flourish virtues instilled by nature or suppress it? Do we want to brighten his imagination or blind it? Do we want to encourage his creativity or make him destroyer? Do we want him to be Innovative or archetypal? Do we want to preserve his innocence or become prejudicial? Every child is a thoughtin the mind of God, and our task is to recognize this thought and help it toward completion. My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects. Do we want to maintain the wonder in child or instill ugliness in his mind? Education has become the inculacation of the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent. The important outcomes of schooling include not only the acquisition of new conceptual tools, refined sensibilities, a developed imagination, and new routines and techniques, but also new attitudes and dispositions. The disposition to continue to learn throughout life is perhaps one of the most important contributions that schools can make to an individual's development.
Methodology of education
It is well recognized fact that informal education is much better than formal education which just fills the mind with dead facts which is otherwise available at the clickof mouse. Education should ignite fire in the mind of the child. There should be no curriculum but concepts. Not condensed but creative. Not controlled but carefree. Not confused but confidence builder. Children require guidance and sympathy far more than Instruction. The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values. The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds. The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory withthoughts of other men. Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts. To me the worst thing seems to be for a school principally to work with methods of fear, force and artificial authority. Such treatment destroys the sound sentiments, the sincerity, and the selfconfidence of the pupil, It produces the submissive subject.
Education and parents
In prevailing education system, parents should play the role of protector, fire fighter, savior, encourager and esteem builder. Unfortunately, parents are collaborating with school to multiplydamage to child. There are various reasons for parents to do that. Ignorance, comparision, to see own identity in chld, boasting in society etc. are reasons for such parenteral behavior. We cannot know the consequences of suppressing a child's spontaneity when he is just beginning to be active. We may even suffocate life itself. That humanity which is revealed in its entire intellectual splendor during the sweet and tender age of childhood should be respected with a kind of religious veneration. It is like the sun which appears at dawn or a flower just beginning to bloom. Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life. Adults look upon a child as something empty that is to be filled through their own efforts, as something inert and helpless for which they must do everything, as something lacking an inner guide and in constant need of inner direction...An adult who acts in this way, even though he may be convinced that he is filled with zeal, love, and a spirit of sacrifice on behalf of his child, unconsciously suppresses the development of the child's own personality.

Education should be as natural as possible. We are all part of nature and much we remain near to nature in all our activities and habits, less we become diverse and suffere. Child is a product of nature. We should help and facilitate the child so that he can remain as natural as possible. We can eat natural food without any problem, food containing artificial colors, flavors and additives may lead to diseases. We know that how difficult is to maintain our garden and forest flourish richly without our care. That is nature. We are no way near to competing with it. So if you can't do anything good for your child, observe masterly inactivity and nature will take care of him. One of the most fundamental problems is the very process that's meant to develop our natural abilities-education...Education doesn't just follow the natural grain of young people's abilities; it sorts them throught two different filters. Ther first is economic: education categorizes people intelligence. The problem we face now is that the economic assumptions are no longer true and the intellectual filter screens out some of the most important intellectual abilities that children possess. There are drastic consequences for the development of creative abilities. This was always a problem, but now it's getting critical.
Ills of present education system.

Present education system favors those who fits in narrow band of skills and follow the system. It ignores many diamonds that can excel in different fields, can sparkle with their innate abilities and can spread radiance over the world. Many dyslexic children have turned out to be geniuses like Einstein. IT IS KILLER; it destroys the career of those who revolts against the system. Actually, they are imaginative, creative and innovative. They question the very system and they will not be ready to fall in the mould. IT IS DESTRICTIVE; you reform the education system then you will not require prison reform. It destroys creativity, confidence, innocence and all other innate virtues. The average adult laughs 15 times a day; the average child, more than 400 times.
It discriminate one from other just on the basis of examination. The important outcomes of schooling include not only the acquisition of new conceptual tools, refined sensibilities, a developed imagination, and new routines and techniques, but also new attitudes and dispositions. The disposition to continue to learn throughout life is perhaps one of the most important contributions that schools can make to an individual's development. How this qualities be examined? Reading and writing, arithmetic and grammar do not constitute education, any more than a knife, fork and spoon constitute a dinner.
There is no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."
We worry about what a child will become tommorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child."
A chld is not a vase to filled but a fire to be lit
Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?"
Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each."
Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the multilation of a child's spirit.
F there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in us."
Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday."

Do not destroy a child's dignity. There is a vast difference between being harsh and being firm.

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